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GPS Tracking Devices Helping Livestock Farmers

Posted by Conrad
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on Wednesday, 29 August 2012 in Uncategorized
Livestock farmers in South Africa have had to get creative. Necessity often brings about innovation, and the farmers in South Africa are no exception. They are working on ways to stop thieves from breaking through fences and taking off with farm animals. The problem has gotten so bad that South African farmers are being forced out of the trade. Livestock theft has become big business with indications of syndicated activity. The result is the potential for rising food costs. One clever Cape Town farmer came up with a way to use technology to help with the problem after he had 27 sheep and 10 lambs stolen recently. His sheep now carry cell phones, and when he gets a call from one of his sheep in the middle of the night, you guessed it; the news is not good. That's because the cell phones are programmed to call when the sheep start running, a sign that thieves have broken down the fences. Living far away from police, the farmer came up with the idea of attaching cell phones to four sheep in different flocks. So far, at least one sheep snatcher has been caught using the technology. Inventions and ideas often grow from one idea as others think of ways to improve on it. Tracker has begun working with farmers and the South African Police Service to install their small GPS tracking devices on livestock. Once thieves learn about the idea, they will be deterred from livestock snatching as SAPS nabs the crook one by one. Already internationally proven to be effective, Tracker has helped in more recoveries resulting in related arrests than any other tracking company in Africa. Our trackers are activated and deactivated by Tracker's National Secure Operating Centre. With a network covering 98 percent of South Africa's population, Tracker Retrieve is one of the most affordable systems of its kind available. It is hoped that by using GPS tracking technology, farmers will be encouraged to keep raising livestock. A win-win situation as everyone benefits from lower food costs.
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