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Lower Insurance Is Only One Benefit of our Trackers

Posted by Conrad
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on Wednesday, 25 July 2012 in Uncategorized
Owning a car in South Africa is expensive. Not only do you pay for the vehicle and fuel, but car insurance is costly. Most car owners either pay expensive rates upfront or forgo insurance and pay later when their vehicle is stolen. If your car insurance is too high, you need layered vehicle security devices. This helps deter theft and lowers your insurance cost. Autoden can provide you with the best trackers and security systems. We know no security device is foolproof, so we offer proven protection systems. Our Tracker systems are installed in over 700,000 vehicles in South Africa. Each car owner knows they can trust us because Tracker is the most successful vehicle protection system. We have recovered over 57,000 stolen vehicles and made over 10,500 arrests. If the worst happens to your car, our experience at retrieval and prosecution will give you peace of mind while we work to find your vehicle. We are so successful because we are an established company that has been dedicated to protecting vehicles for 10 years, and we have a partnership with the South African Police Service. This helps us with efficiency and reduces the crime rate in South Africa overall. Our range of services can be tailored to suit any individual or business. Our Tracker Retrieve system works by placing a small device in your car. If your car is stolen, call Tracker at any time, and we will activate the device. The Tracker Alert system operates with a special key fob. The system is activated whenever the key is not in the car. Tracker will send a signal if the car is moving without the key and Tracker will contact you to begin the retrieval process. Tracker Skytrax allows you to monitor your vehicle from the Internet. This ensures your family is safe while traveling. Tracker also has roadside assistance buttons, so we can provide medical or other help instantly. Any of these services can protect your family and lower your insurance costs.
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