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Using Vehicle Trackers in Fleet Management

Posted by Conrad
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on Wednesday, 28 March 2012 in Uncategorized
I was taking a taxi to the airport the other day, and one of the most interesting things I noticed about the taxi was that every other time we'd make a stop, he'd pull out a pad and paper and write down his location on a logbook. I found this really interesting because if I was that guy and I wanted to go on lunch, I'd just write down a couple of spots and go take lunch. I know that most cabs are centrally dispatched and tracked, so why bother with this pen and paper stuff when there's better technology out there? When I go looking for fleet management solutions for developing companies, the most important component that I look for is their vehicle tracking system. Companies that rely on large numbers of vehicles see improvements in productivity and risk management when they install fleet management systems that allow you to locate the vehicles in your fleet. Whether you're in the business of local food deliveries or you manage state-to-state transportation systems, the fact is that those are your vehicles out there on the road, and you should be keeping an eye on them. Fleet management systems are tools to track your drivers, and in most cases, offer services to track speeders, dangerous drivers, and irregular driving patterns such as harsh braking. They can also interface with the web and give information on drivers that often drive through high-risk areas, wasting time and risking property damage or theft to the vehicle. But the idea is not always to simply police your employees. When you can know where your delivery drivers are, you can optimize their routes and react immediately to new orders and clients. This is one of the key strengths of fleet management systems: the ability to be reactive. Imagine a business that relies on delivering fresh groceries quickly to area restaurants. Installing vehicle tracking in their delivery vans, when they get a rush order for carrots and tomatoes, they can immediately call in the nearest driver to pick up the produce and deliver it. They also cut down on product damage from dangerous drivers that brake harshly, take wild turns, and track their staff to make sure everything is delivered on time. So in short, vehicle tracking is one of the essential services of fleet management. When I'm looking at a successful small company that's having trouble managing its drivers, I always recommend the investment of vehicle tracking devices.
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