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Welcome to the Autoden blog. Here you'll find news and announcements about our vehicle tracking systems. We'll be posting updates about our products as well as what's current in the vehicle security industry. Be sure to check back often for more posts about our tracking devices.

The Value of Vehicle Tracking

Posted by Conrad
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on Tuesday, 27 March 2012 in Uncategorized
Vehicle tracking technology offers many benefits for both businesses and organizations. Modern vehicle tracking technology combines GPS and GSM technology. GSM technology allows for information about a vehicle's location to be transmitted over a cellular network, while a GPS receiver provides accurate information on the location of a vehicle. Many fleets and delivery companies can benefit from vehicle tracking. It's possible to monitor a company's mobile assets from a single computer. In addition, vehicle tracking makes it simpler to manage the level of service a driver is able to provide. Many delivery companies install tracking technology on their vehicles to monitor how long it takes to deliver a package. In addition, it's possible to lower the incidence of theft and time mismanagement by employees. By monitoring a vehicle's location at all times, it's possible to reduce costs and improve a company's security. Some long-distance delivery companies will use tracking technology to log pay for truck drivers. This can be a great way to keep track of payroll and provide accurate estimates of delivery times. Since it can be challenging to manage a large number of fleet vehicles individually, it's important to have a central system that allows for multi-vehicle management. Vehicle tracking is used on almost all types of commercial vehicles. It is used on taxis to monitor fares, on railroad cars to prevent theft and in personal vehicles for navigation. It is used on many boats to prevent theft and fishery mismanagement. There are hundreds of potential uses for fleet tracking technology. Since it can be extremely difficult to manage a mobile workforce, it's important to have tools to help comprehend the location of all vehicles owned by a company. Since employees may misrepresent the location of a vehicle, it's important to have a reliable and accurate source for information. Many vehicle tracking solutions are affordable for businesses of all sizes. Since the cost of GPS receivers and cellular technology has decreased exponentially, it's often possible to find fleet tracking technology installed in vehicles for smaller companies. It's possible to find a vehicle tracking solution to fit companies of all sizes.
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