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Tracker Fleet – the leading Fleet Management Solution in South Africa

Running a logistics company, a sale fleet or service vehicles or department) can be challenging enough without having to worry about fleet monitoring and tracking. As one of the most successful fleet tracking companies in South Africa, Tracker is able to offer one of the most advanced fleet gps tracking solutions on the market.

The company’s new innovative product offering, called Tracker Fleet, is powered by the renowned TomTom brand, enabling the two companies to combine their fields of expertise to provide a unique fleet management system that covers the entire spectrum of needs, such as Stolen Vehicle Recovery and Transport Solutions Technology.

Tracker’s established brand position and market access combined with TomTom’s easy to use fleet management solutions with proven return on investment (ROI) bring tremendous value to fleet managers in South Africa. Tracker Fleet is built on TomTom’s proven in-car fleet GPS tracking and offers numerous firsts for South African companies.

Some of the fleet management services Tracker Fleet provides:

  • Professional Navigation on the TomTom PRO devices help keep drivers safe and reduces businesses mileage. Additional features such as IQ Routes, hands-free calling, Help-Me menu and access to live services offer additional value.
  • Live traffic helps drivers to avoid traffic congestion, enabling them to arrive on time and to be more productive. HD Traffic, South Africa’s best traffic information, is brought to business fleet managers for the first time.
  • Real time vehicle tracking shows business how and when vehicles are used. This information can then be utilised to optimise processes and improve efficiencies, thereby prolonging vehicle life.
  • Job dispatch allows for dynamic workflow and efficient communication to keep customers informed at all times.
  • Time management takes the burden out of the ‘on the road’ administration.
  • Driver training and road safety can be significantly enhanced by fleet managers monitoring driver reports and offering interventions and training sessions when the need arises – pertaining to issues such as speeding, harsh-breaking etc.
  • Fleet management reporting gives fleet managers real-time and historic information in clear dashboards or detailed reports in order to make profitable decisions.
  • Fleet Tracking solutions for your company

    Tracker’s state-of-the-art fleet management system ensures that a dedicated team of professionals are taking care of all aspects of your vehicle fleet management so that you can focus on other areas of your business. Our customised, technologically advanced fleet management system enables you to access, monitor and analyse the performance and movement of every vehicle in your fleet.

    Tracker Fleet, powered by TomTom, has a variety of products that are designed to meet the needs of any organisation that has on-road operations.

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